Program overview:

  • 8 weeks of virtual interactive learning, excluding orientation
  • 4-8 hours per week of online interaction and self guided study
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment + Debrief (one on one with CPC)
  • Receive one on one coaching from one of our Certified Professional Coaches
  • Requires self discipline and independent study
  • Learn alongside like-minded individuals

Individuals will walk away with:

  • Ability to make conscious choice and enhance the skills to lead authentically.
  • Learn about catabolic (stress/negative) and anabolic (uplifting/positive) energy
  • An understanding of how to create trust and build strategies for change to prepare for the future while maintaining relationships.
  • Identify blind spots, assumptions, interpretations to more effectively ensure conscious thought not knee-jerk reactions.
  • Build relationships that encourage, support, and reinforce you to be your best self.
  • Identify the gremlin within while you name it to tame it.
  • Case studies to practice and leverage the learning of the 8 week program.